AB Sciex API 3000 LC-MS/MS

Sciex API 3000 LC-MS/MS from AB

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This Sciex API 3000 linearly accelerating (LINAC) high-pressure collision cell provides exceptional sensitivity and performance in all modes of MS/MS operation - including multiple reaction monitoring (MRM), neutral loss (NL), and precursor ion scan (PS) modes, ensuring maximum transfer of ions from the interface to the detector.

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System Details

The robust ion sources and proven Curtain Gas™ interface technology ensure reliability and uptime, and Information Dependent Acquisition (IDA) enables unattended, automated MS to MS/MS acquisition, providing better structural information.

Complete with TurboIonSpray™ source, 2 x Edwards E2M28 roughing pump, GPIB interface card, PC with Windows 7, LCD monitor and Analyst 1.6 software. We will install anywhere in the UK and Ireland - please enquire for other locations.


  • Innovative interface design optimizes ion transfer from atmosphere to vacuum- without the need for complicated ion transfer optics that could corrupt fragile chemical compounds, such as non-covalent complexes and thermally labile species.
  • High-sensitivity, full-scan MS, MS/MS, and spectra with high selectivity for true triple quadrupole precursor ion and neutral loss scans


  • Mass range: 30-3,000 Daltons.
  • Mass accuracy: 0.01%.
  • Source:Turbo Ion Spray
  • Voltage: 230 AC.

Multiple front end options and LC system available - please enquire.

Full System

This instrument is also available as a complete system, with either Agilent 1100 /1200 LC System / Shimadzu 10 series (controlled by Analyst) to suit your requirements - please enquire below.

* PC Provided with Analyst software installed. Note: we are unable to transfer licences therefore software licence purchase may be required by the manufacturer.

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As a continually expanding company Jaytee have a great deal to offer, from service agreements to total instrument portfolio management. Since each client has different requirements, we are able to provide tailored service agreements, whether it be on the instruments you purchase from us, or your own equipment.


Jaytee has developed its calibration policy in line with the marketplace and offers a wide range of calibration services. Our clients often require instrument PQ/validation, so we offer a unique approach to this, providing our own calibration package that is specific to your needs.

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