Agilent 5977E GC Mass Selective Detector

5977E GC/MSD from Agilent

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12 month On-Site Warranty (UK)


£ 29,995

This Agilent 5977E Series GC/MSD (G7036A) is built on a solid foundation of industry leadership, reliability, and performance, and takes routine analyses to the next level, delivering consistent and dependable results.

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System Details

Download AutoTune and Calibration Data for Agilent 5977E

This bundled Agilent 5977 system includes the following components - saving you time and money:

  • Pre-loaded MassHunter software
  • Split/splitless GC inlet
  • Essential MS supplies, including an Agilent J&W low-bleed GC column

Consistent, dependable results

The Agilent 7820A GC and 5977E Series GC/MSD both offer uncompromising GC performance for all your routine applications, including those that must comply with regulatory requirements. Agilent's proven electronic pneumatic control (EPC) and digital electronics ensure excellent reproducibility, as well as reliable accuracy and precision.

Easy to learn and use for all users

With their intuitive user interface, Agilent's 7820A GC and 5977E Series GC/MSD are both easy to operate, even for inexperienced or infrequent users. Because there are no gauges or manual gas knobs, errors are minimized. With convenient, real-world design features and built-in self-diagnostics, the Agilent 7820A GC and 5977E Series GC/MSD are also easy to maintain.

A robust choice from a GC industry leader

The 5977E Series GC/MSD is designed to optimise routine performance while minimising complexity ensuring you can take advantage of Agilent's unmatched combination of reliable instrumentation, versatile software, and application-matched columns and supplies.

Start your analysis in a fraction of the time

This leading-edge GC/MSD includes an intuitive user interface and built-in diagnostics. The system arrives ready to perform with a split/splitless inlet, splitless liner, and preconditioned Agilent J&W low-bleed GC column.

Dependability and value for your day-to-day applications

Agilent's 5977E Series GC/MSD increases your uptime so you spend more time running your samples and less time maintaining the system. It also delivers all the consistent, dependable results, and robustness you expect from Agilent at a truly exceptional value.

MassHunter provides Unified Data Analysis for Agilent MS systems:

  • Improve the quality and speed of your data review
  • Import information directly from the acquisition method
  • Batch results window allows you to review and operate on an entire batch of data at the same time

Boost your productivity and eliminate the uncertainty of manual injection

The 7693A Injector option automates your analyses of up to sixteen samples, while accommodating two solvent bottles and one waste bottle.

For increased capacity needs, the new 7650A Injector option expands sample throughput to 50, while accommodating four solvent bottles and four waste bottles.

For either model, the fast-injection technology minimizes needle discrimination and sample degradation, and allows fully unattended operation - from injection through final reporting.

Best of all, these self-aligning plug and play injectors are both portable and user friendly. They mount in seconds without tools and transfer quickly between GCs.

Whether you are detecting emerging contaminants in drinking water or testing drugs for purity, your results have to be correct, precise, and irrefutable. And the Agilent sample injectors help to ensure your best chromatography with advanced injection features:

  • Multiple wash solvent capability for pre- and post-injection needle rinsing reduces sample carryover.
  • Pre-injection sample pumps and pre-injection washes further reduce the possibility of carryover.
  • Single stroke injection volume as small as 0.01 µL and as large as 250 µL let you precisely match injections to the exact needs of your analyses.

System Specification

  • Agilent 5977E (G7036A) Series GC-MSD
  • Agilent 7820A Gas Chromatograph
  • Agilent G4513A Injector Tower
  • Pfeiffer Duo 2.5 Roughing Pump
  • HP desktop PC with TFT screen
  • MassHunter Version B.07.02
  • New Samsung Printer
  • Optional extra: Agilent Gas Clean Filter System

Offered with a full Jaytee Biosciences 1 year on-site warranty, this system is in excellent working condition and is ready for full demonstration - enquire below.

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